An Optimization Modulo Theories (OMT) tool


If you need a build for a different operating system and/or architecture, please contact us.


OptiMathSAT is an extension of MathSAT 5 and as such it is available at the same licence conditions as MathSAT 5:

OptiMathSAT is copyrighted 2009-2022 by Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy, University of Trento, Italy, and others. All rights reserved.

OptiMathSAT is available for research and evaluation purposes only. It can not be used in a commercial environment, particularly as part of a commercial product, without written permission.

OptiMathSAT is provided as is, without any warranty.

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for additional questions regarding licensing OptiMathSAT or obtaining more up-to-date versions.